Brit Father in Thailand wanted by UK Police


This photograph is said by UK media to be of the father of missing British Schoolgirl, Sara Miles, thought to have been in Thailand for the past few months.


trevor miles in Thailand #fabulous 103fm

As the search continues in Thailand for 12 year old British girl  Arisara Miles, (also known as Sara or Zara), so British police  have confirmed  that  they are actively seeking her father, thought to be in Thailand with her.

missing Zara Miles in Thailand

The details are sketchy, however Trevor Miles IS wanted by UK Police  after failing to attend a hearing concerning his daughter’s welfare and well being.

The British Embassy in Bangkok IS aware of the case and welcomes any reports of sightings which they will share with the relevant authorities here and in the UK.  Thai Police too are aware of the search.

It’s a unique case in that it took a high court judge to approve the release of the girls details to media this week, previously despite being missing since November, the search had been under wraps.

ANY ONE with information is asked to contact the Embassy, contact details below

British Embassy Listed Phone Number is  02 305 8333

Link to British embassy:  Click Here to be Redirected


More Details on this story can be found HERE

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