Abused Children in Pattaya at Take Care Kids Centre

a little over a year ago, Fabulous 103Fm  adopted the Take Care Kids home in Pattaya as our favoured charity.  we did that for many reasons, (1) they are underfunded and (2) abused children are often overlooked by doors.

When we first met Take Care Kids, they were about to leave their previosu location as the rent was simply too much.  the organisers  were looking for new accomodation that would offer a safe and homely environment for the children who are handed to them by city authorities when discovered in horrendous conditions.


Take Care Kids bring warmth, safety and love back into childrens’ lives.  Children who have been sexually or physically abused, often by those they should have been able to trust most.  As we have got to know the home and the children, so we have seen girls under 10 who have been raped, burned, violated with object and in some cases used for photography by the sickest of people.


Take Care Kids, then, accepts the children and slowly works to bring them back into a normal wolrd, help them learn to trust again and to do something amazing… SMILE.


Its not a posh home, they dont have acres of land, piles of food and lots of PR, in fact in every one of those they have the opposite.  but your donations of cash. clothing and goods, often via Fabulous 103FM, makes Take Care Kids in Pattaya a real real home.

Thanks to to the Mediterranean Garden resort who kindly host pool parties for the children , often shared with the public, which sees the children not only discover what a pool is like to swim in, but also to interact with other children too.  their last event raised 70,000 baht and two truckloads of food and provisions donated by YOU.. our kind listeners

we love them


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