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About us – The Story so far

When Fabulous103FM was born in Pattaya 4 years ago, it was a basket case.  I’d just fallen out with a previous business partner on another station, long since gone, and simply wanted to keep doing what I had been doing, which was.. have fun.


My name is Tommy Dee, I am a 50 (something) old Radio head who thinks he is 29, live in Pattaya Thailand and work crazy hours at a local radio Station.

Fabulous 103Fm.  Fab was born in my tiny office at home, using a handful of second hand PCs from the local auction, a mixer, headphones and the worlds worst microphone.  After a few weeks of testing I moved it all to our old studios where, when it rained, we had buckets to catch the water inside and cups on the mixer desks to save the equipment from destruction.

A clap of thunder sent us into a panic on a daily basis and we had the hum of all hums on our transmissions.  Our transmitter(s) had a habit of frying at the least power spike and anyone who knows Thailand will know that power spikes happen on a weekly basis at the very best…

Cut to the chase.. it was chaos, but fun.


It Still is, amazing fun, its been a roller coaster ride from start to finish, but now, today, we have a state of the art studio system in a new building in Soi Chayabruk II,  reknown presenters on 103 all day every day, the BBC world service keeping us all in touch with the world and the best of Listeners, in and around Pattaya,  whcih is a key holiday city in Thailand, around Thailand via the net and overseas too.


about us

Above all, I get to work with the best team of people, whom I consider to be friends, working and keeping Fab 103 as what it was never meant to be.. but is…


Pattaya’s Favourite Radio Station