Your Condo Building Questions Answered by Lawyer (March 20)

As a follow on to our show last week about a failing condo developer, LISTEN today with your questions answered.

If you are buying a condo or any property in Thailand, this is the show for you.  Our Thai lawyer tells us about dealing with bankrupt builders, checking out the company that is building your condo BEFORE YOU BUY and the steps a developer in Pattaya Should be taking when building.

When should you pay in full, when WILL you get the title deeds ( Chanoot)  How do developers borrow money and what security do they have to give a lender.

What paperwork does a developer need to have to build in Thailand?  Plannign permits, EIA approval,   and who owns the land your condo is being built on?

If your developer is having problems how does it affect you, and what should you expect?


      Pitfalls of Condo Buying in thailand

NOTE TO DEVELOPERS: We have repeatedly invited you vias the show and social media to reply to all or any part of this show, we are fully aware that the majority of developers are in good standing and building successfully and  that whilst there can be pitfalls in building and developing in Thailand, you, as a developer, will have systems in place to deal with them properly.  Please feel free to contact us via 0800 724609

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