Thursday news from Thailand Latest

02/11/2016 0

Fabulous 103Fm has the very latest news from thailand every day.  Click the link beow to listen and find out whats happening in the Land of Smiles and the city of fun  

Goobergun Playing in Pattaya at Burapa

02/11/2016 1

Anytime the Fab 3  visit Pattaya, music fans get excited and this year in our studios at Fabulous 103  Goobergun  sung an acoustic version of their brand new track Add to that second live performance […]

Thailand & Pattaya News

02/10/2016 0

Wednesdays full news roundup from Thailand and Pattaya from Fabulous 103Fm. English language updates, click below to hear whats happening in and around Thailand Today  

Ron Bumblefoot Thal in Thailand 2016

02/10/2016 1

When Ron arrived in Thailand he was kind enough to choose Fabulous 103 Fm in Pattaya as the station for his interview. Jennifer, his wife, joined us too in our second Interivew that saw Ron […]

Chinese New Year and all them crackers

02/08/2016 0

Thai Time today was a “lesson” in trying to say happy Chinese new year and a complaint about being woken up early by fireworks.  Sadly, Tommy couldnt get his lips around the words.. CAN YOU

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