National news Friday

02/28/2016 0

A chance to catch up with the national news along with local news, right here from fabulous 103FM Click the link below to listen  

If Pattaya can’t go to the Vineyard then..

02/28/2016 0

Well then let the vineyard come to Pattaya An thats exactly what happened Saturday at the Holiday Inn where the Baraccuda bar hosted the products of an exclusive series of Australian Vineyards. With everything on […]

Thailand news latest

02/24/2016 0

          British backpacker found safe but confused, plus all the very latest news from Thailand via Fabulous 103fm in Pattaya   Click below to listen

How Much, and can I have my change Please

02/24/2016 0

Todays thai lesson on Fabulous 103Fm in Pattaya   Where we learn to ask the price of something, and insist that we get our change, just in case someone forgets ūüôā

Thai Shopoholic wife runs up big bills

02/24/2016 0

He loves her, she loves shopping, whats the cure? A western man contacted us about his Thai wife of 3 years. ¬†here in Pattaya she blew 90,000 baht on his credit card. Any suggestions? ¬†Comments […]

Was your partner once gay?

02/24/2016 0

We dont make these up and today’s her tune comes from ¬†a Thai lady in a predicament.. Let us know what you think, by commenting below

Thai Mistress complains she didn’t know

02/20/2016 0

Follow up to your replies on yesterday’s problem and then today’s problem solving on Fabulous 103Fm in pattaya. A lady who is having an affair with her boss, she thought it was the real deal, […]

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